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We have had lots of people comparing Maison Sport’s business model to that of Uber, and whilst in some respects that is flattering, in others it couldn’t be further from what we are trying to achieve.

As we have said before, our aim is to “seamlessly connect people looking for lessons with their ideal instructor, whilst making it easy for instructors to market themselves, so they can continue to do what they love”.

Maison Sport is very much focused on improving the lives of not only the customers who are booking ski lessons but also the lives of independent ski & snowboard instructors.

Independent instructors have at some point made the decision to go at it alone, no colleagues, no bosses and therefore no safety net.

They enjoy working for themselves, for them the motive isn’t power or control, it’s the freedom to make the choices that allow them to continue to do what they love — teach people to ski.

Ski schools restrict instructors to working set timeslots for a set rate, without giving them a choice for who their clients might be. If we were the Uber for ski schools we would fix the timeslots to make it easier for customers to choose when they want their lessons, we would also set the rate like Uber does and enforce “Surge pricing” for peak weeks. We think this would undermine the exact values of what it means to be an Independent instructor.

Our marketplace gives instructors the freedom to set their own timeslots, pricing, cancellation policies, where and when they work and finally who their clients are.

Uber recruits drivers out of necessity; Maison Sport signs up independent instructors so customers can book the most passionate and experienced instructors on the mountain, simply and quickly.

The true value to the customer is the ability to choose their perfect instructor who was otherwise hidden.

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