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It’s Fun!

Skiing is great fun, especially for children! It rarely hurts when they fall over, there’s snow everywhere, and they have the freedom to whizz around a winter wonderland.  


It’s not very often that children spend up to 7 hours a day taking part in physical exercise, but that is exactly what happens on a ski holiday. Skiing is a full-body workout and will increase strength in children’s legs, back and arms.


Your child’s first day on skis or on a snowboard can result in several “Bambi” like moments. However, as they start to progress this will improve very quickly when they feel more confident, teaching them how to stay balanced.

Learning a new Skill

There is a trick to learning a new skill, and something we have to do throughout our lives – the more skills a child can learn the better! Skiing may not be a skill they will use every day but one that stays with them through to adulthood.


Perseverance and persistence are great qualities to have, there is no better feeling than working hard at something and then achieving your goal. It’s quite common for children to find their first day of skiing challenging, but after lots of falling over they will start to get the hang of it and by the end of the week they will be asking to go again!


Learning a new skill really increases confidence in children, regularly we see the quietest child on the first day become the most outgoing by the end of the week. 

The bottom line…

There is no doubt that skiing and snowboarding takes a few tries to get used too. But spending time skiing in the snow-covered mountains with family creates memories every child will remember, and give them a skill that will stay with them for a lifetime.