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Native to la Rosiere, Dorian started to ski whilst he was learning how to walk. Today Dorian still adopts a life on the mountain as a ski instructor based in Val d’Isere. Find out why he made the switch from ski school instructor to independent, and why you should too!

Did you have any concerns prior to becoming an independent instructor? If so, what were your concerns and do you still have them?

Like everyone else, we have doubts when becoming independent, out of fear of not having enough clients which leads to a loss in revenue. When I started, I already had quite a few personal clients which helped me a lot and Maison Sport has really developed which now allows me to have great seasons.

How has going independent changed your lifestyle in comparison to working in a ski school?

Becoming independent requires more organisation, but the advantage is that we can manage our agenda and customers how we wish to. I am also closer in my relationship to customers than I was with a ski school, which increases the service quality. In ski schools, everything is faster as customers come and go more quickly.

What has been your proudest moment as a ski instructor?

The proudest moment as an instructor is seeing my clients smiling and thanking me at the end of the lesson, telling me they’ve had a great time. What more could we hope for as an instructor?

What’s your favourite thing about being an independent ski or snowboard instructor on Maison Sport?

What I prefer on Maison Sport is how I am put in contact with clients via the site and the simple but very functional use of the platform.

You’ve used Maison Sport successfully over the past winter, what would be your top piece of advice to anyone else using the site?

My best advice is to create an in-depth and attractive bio with a nice profile picture. Clients really look at the profile before booking an instructor, they tell me this often. It is important to have attractive photos which allows the customer to see who they will be skiing with. This puts the customer at ease and they also appreciate a complete bio.

To find out more about how Maison Sport is helping instructors make the move from working for ski schools to working independently you can email us at [email protected].