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Earlier is better 

Whether this is your first ski holiday or your 10th, making sure you get your ski or snowboard lessons booked in time can make or break your trip. Some dates get booked up far quicker than others, that’s why we’ve looked through our booking data as well as consulted with some independent instructors to bring you a guide on when to book your lessons.

Here’s our week by week guide…

February half-term – ASAP

When it comes to February half term, private lessons start being booked as far as 1 year in advance, this means that by mid to late summer many of the good times slots are already taken. The resort you are visiting can also make a difference, for example, we still have morning availability in Meribel but not in La Plagne, this is fairly random so make sure you book early!

Christmas and New Year

Typically, the peak period for making bookings at this time is after the first big snowfall in October, almost 3 months out – so booking in September will give you a wider choice of instructors and lesson times. 


For Easter the snow conditions are normally significantly better in the morning, therefore the demand is high for these time slots. If you are looking for morning lessons then we recommend booking these as early as possible, many of the popular instructors on Maison Sport have already taken bookings for Easter. Afternoons are less popular, so you can generally book these last minute.


Our data shows that the busiest week in January is the week after New Year and the last week of the month. To beat the rush, book in early to mid-December.

February (not half term)

This year, the week of the 23rd February is still a holiday week for some schools in the UK, as well as a lot of schools in France – so if you’re away this week, it’s best to book it as soon as possible. The remaining weeks in February are a lot quieter, so you can generally book up to a couple of weeks before and still have a wide range of choice. 


For early March you can generally book last minute, so you should be safe booking anytime before February the 15th. The last week of March can be a bit busier, so make sure you book before the end of February, or earlier if you want to be guaranteed private lessons in the morning.

The bottom line… 

Always play it safe and aim to book your ski and snowboard lessons as early as possible. It may feel excessive booking 6 months in advance, but this will ensure you get the instructor and lessons that best suit you!