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Dear Instructors.


The season has now begun across many resorts in Europe, and it looks like it has been a snowy start which is great news for everyone.


It’s been a long build up to the lifts opening and lessons taking place. Our preparation started before last season ended, and our summer has been full of long working days, with the whole Maison Sport team working round the clock to make sure this winter is bigger and better than the last.


We are expecting total bookings to more than double from last winter, which we are on track to do, and above all, offer a much improved service to customers booking independent instructors through Maison Sport.


With a business model such as ours, we need great scale for the business to flourish. That’s why this winter presents a significant turning point for Maison Sport. With the business approaching profitability we can begun to push our marketing harder and through next summer make large scale improvements to the technology powering the platform.

We really believe we are creating a better alternative to ski schools. A way of living and working that offers improvements to ski instructors around the world; higher income, flexibility of work and higher motivation. We are building Maison Sport for independents, and although we have had introduce some rules (such as compulsory availability updating), we have done this knowing the challenges independents face, but also knowing it will guarantee a bright future for all independent instructors.


Right now we are a small team changing a big industry, so bear with us through what is set to be a big winter for all.


From the Maison Sport team, we hope this season is your best yet.