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Understanding how Maison Sport works is important before making a big decision, please see our guide below:

Sign up

By signing up to Maison Sport you are still an independent instructor, it is free to sign up, you just need to go through the signup flow on the website. You also need to provide us with your carte pro number or Brevet Fédéral, as we only allow these licence holders to have a profile on the site. 

Setting up your profile 

In your user area you will see a profile page, everything here needs to be completed to give you the highest possible chance of receiving bookings. Make sure your pictures reflect the products you are selling and are not only “extreme” pictures of you skiing. If you need help with any of it, in particular your biography, please let us know. 

Prices and timeslots

In your user area you can set your standard prices (the price you charge for the majority of weeks), you can also choose your standard timeslots (when you run lessons: 9.15 – 11.15 etc). 

The calendar 

You will find the calendar in the menu bar when you are signed in. From here you can make changes to pricing, availability and timeslots on a given day or week. By clicking and dragging a pop up appears allowing you to make these changes on the selected days. (Remember to click and drag to select multiple days). 


Setting up groups is super easy. You will see the groups on the menu bar next to the calendar, here you will find a page for group setup. You can have one children’s product and one adults product. 

Bookings and messages 

Too see how a customer books click (here) for groups and (here) for privates. 

Most customers will send you a message before booking, you will receive an email notifying you of this. By logging in and going to “Messages”, you will be able to see any unread messages (it’s important to respond quickly). You can respond to all messages from this area. 

If you have agreed a booking with a customer or one has sent you a request without messaging, it will arrive in your bookings area. You can view all details of the booking by clicking on it. If you would like to accept the booking just click accept, remember they have already entered their card details and payment will be taken once it has been accepted. If you decide you don’t want to take the booking please decline it, and follow up with a message to the customer detailing why, if you are unavailable please update your availability in your calendar. 

Maison Sport only charges a 3% fee, which is automatically deducted from your lesson fees.. 


By clicking on “user profile” and going to “payment details” you will find a page to update your payment information. Once a lesson has been completed payment is automatically made to your account and should be with you 48 hours after the lesson has taken place.

Cancellation policy

You can detail this yourself, we have three options; flexible, moderate and strict, you can view them all (here)


Customers are invited to leave reviews about their experience once the lessons are completed. Good reviews considerably increase your chances of being booked. If you feel a review is unfair, please get in touch and we will find a solution. 

Search results

Our search results try to display the instructor most likely to be booked by a particular client. our 8 factor algorithm uses; reviews, total bookings, availability, profile, main resort and more, to decide which instructor should appear at the top. So those using the system more will show up at the top more than those who don’t. 

Need help?

The Maison Sport team is here to help 24/7, use the live chat or send us an email. We can also call you back if the problem is urgent. 

If you have anymore questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, or if you would like to sign up click here.