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Finding the perfect Christmas gift for someone is not always the easiest thing which is why we have put together this incredible gift guide to help you with your Christmas shopping. Whether you’re buying a gift for a friend, a family member, a kid, or if you want to give your instructor something special as a thank you for an incredible lesson, this guide has the perfect gift ideas!

Gifts For Adults 

If you have ski enthusiast friends, family members, or  secret santas, and are stuck on what to get them, here are some ideas.


A good pair of ski goggles is something everyone needs. The features you must definitely look for when choosing any goggles are

UV Protected:all goggles sold today will be UV protected but just double-check for it. Even if it is a cloudy day UV rays are bouncing off the snow and it is crucial to keep your eyes protected at all times.

Anti-Fog Coating: Another feature found in almost all goggles. Having goggles that fog can not only be very annoying but also dangerous as it might obstruct the skier’s vision. 

Photochromic Lenses: Photochromic lense will automatically adapt to the UV intensity. Going for a photochromic lens will ensure that the goggles will be suitable for all types of weather conditions. 

Outdoor Master has created some pretty awesome goggles with a great feature that allows you to switch lenses in order to adapt to the day’s weather, a very useful quality.

Skis Wine Rack

Who doesn’t love a cool vino display!? These wine racks made from recycled skis are the perfect gift for a wine and skiing lover. How great would they look in a chalet or in the corner of a house, with some wines on display. Truly a unique gift! Buy them here.

Ski or Snowboard Lessons 

Whether it’s their first time skiing ever or their first time in a while, a couple of ski lessons are always a good idea when going out on the slopes. At Maison Sport we think booking ski and snowboard lessons should be easy, so we created an online marketplace for trusted, fully qualified ski and snowboard instructors that can be booked in just a few clicks. 

We have found that independent ski and snowboard instructors often go the extra mile to delight their customers, always ensuring their customer’s experience is a great one. You can choose from over 1000 ski and snowboard instructors across 300 ski resorts on Maison Sport.

Lessons are a great gift for skiers and snowboarders at any level.

Gifts for Kids

Thousands of kids head for their first experience on the snow every winter which means parents will be buying all sorts of things for them, help them out with one of these gifts for kids. 

Jacob’s First Ski Holiday

This picture book is perfect for kids that will be going to the mountains for the first time. The first time on skis can be challenging and even scary for many children, but with Jacob, kids will understand beforehand what to expect and it will get them excited for their debut on skis. In the book you will also find a few easy to understand technical tips for children to start getting ready for their lessons on the slopes. Truly a great gift for any parent who’s taking their kids skiing. Buy the book here.

Helmet Covers 

Spruce up a ski outfit with a helmet cover of their favourite cartoon or animal. Kids might not be used to wearing a helmet and they might find it a little uncomfortable or unusual. Make it more fun for them by adding some color and texture to their helmet. There are hundreds of helmet covers that will make sure kids get excited about wearing them and what kid isn’t super cute with a crocodile helmet on!? Check out some helmet covers here.

Ski Board Game  

There will inevitably be days when the weather is bad or when you need a day to rest. During those days a great idea for the whole family is to play a board game all together snuggled around a warm fire. With Snow Run you have to watch out for ice, whiteouts, jumps and the big freeze, whilst hopefully avoiding getting lost or colliding with your competitors. Chase the yeti to find his shortcuts and hire a ski-doo or heli ski to catch up. Call a stop at a ski station to delay your rivals and keep your eye out for opportunities to jump the queues or follow the leader. Buy it here.

Gifts for Instructors 

Some of you spend all your holidays with your instructors, day after day, and form a close friendship with them. If you want to give them an extra gift this winter we have some ideas.

Ski Socks

No ski instructor ever has enough ski socks, they can get wet, ripped, and as a ski instructor, you definitely have to wear a good pair. A good ski sock must be able to keep your feet warm and at the same time let them breathe, all of this while still being thin enough to not cause discomfort in the boot. It sounds like a lot, but this is what every ski sock brand aims to achieve so we’re sure you’ll find plenty of options. Check some amazing socks here.

A Delicious Meal

Instructors have non-stop days out on the slopes. While you may only have half days, or a couple of hours on the slopes, they put their skis on bright and early, and are the last ones to take them off. Treat your instructor to an amazing meal in one of the ski resort’s restaurants, it’s a great chance to get to know them better and thank them for all their hard work with you.

A 5-Star Review on Maison Sport

The more reviews an instructor has on the Maison Sport platform, the more people will want to book him/her. Make sure once your lessons have been completed that you head over to his/her profile on Maison Sport and leave a review of your experience. Both instructors and us here at Maison Sport love to read all the incredible reviews left by customers. It really means a lot to instructors who put so much effort and dedication into teaching you how to ski or snowboard to read your appreciation and satisfaction with their work! 

With these amazing gifts we’re sure you’ll make friends, kids, and your instructor extremely happy. Head over to Maison Sport today to book the perfect instructor for your holidays on the slopes. 

The Independent Instructors on Maison Sport are Waiting for You!