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If you haven’t already cleaned, prepared, stored or given your skis a good TLC in preparation for next winter, keep reading to find out you can effectively do this at home!

We understand that it can be very easy to overlook our summer ski-care and storage when seasons end, so to make it easier for you, you can follow these six steps on how to clean, maintain and properly store your skis so they are in the best condition for when the first snowfall hits next winter – we can hardly wait!  

There really is no better time to give yourself a challenge this summer, save a little money and learn something new that you will be able to do for years to come. Your skis will thank you later! 

Our friends at Faction have kindly given us some of their pro tips and recommendations on the best way to maintain skis, so look out for these tips below! Also check out the amazing videos below of our friend @scottynaismith from @fullfrenchbreakfast for more info on how to prepare and tune your skis!

Now let’s get right into it!

How to tune your skis 

  • Step 1 – Clean and dry your skis 

First things first are to clean your skis. Using a damp cloth, give your skis a good clean to remove any debris or dirt and don’t forget to wipe down the top sheets, edges, bases and around the bindings. Depending on how dirty they are, you can even wash your skis in the shower or use a power hose to ensure you have removed any unwanted grime.

If you choose to hose down your skis, just make sure you are not letting any water in the bindings as this can get into the binding mechanism and cause damage to your skis. 

Once you have given them a thorough clean and wash, the next step is to dry your skis. You can use a durable cloth to do this or for even better results, we recommend letting them air dry overnight before moving onto the next step. 

Step 2 – Repair your bases

If you’ve been skiing much this season, your skis likely have a few scrapes, nicks and burrs on the bottom, but fear not – there is an easy solution to get your skis looking as good as new. Using melted PTex, drip this into any gouges and scratches and let it dry. Once this has dried, you can then scrape off any excess using a waxing tool to smooth over the surface. 

Faction’s Pro Tip: After between 21 and 45 days of skiing you should get your bases ground, this ensures the bases are fully flat and clean, as well as restructure the base pattern, so it glides better.

  • Step 3 – Edge Work


The next step is to sharpen your edges. It’s important to inspect the edges’ state and carefully remove any rust to ensure your skis are as smooth as possible. To do this you can use a diamond stone to smooth down any burrs or ridges and a gummy stone to polish all the edges. 

Faction’s Pro Tips: Once you have sharpened your edges, you need to de-tune the tip and tail so they do not catch (you do this with a gummy stone). A sharp tip and tail can make the ski seem much harder to ski than if they are detuned. Edges are meant to be sharp and therefore can cause damage to your skis (and other items (clothes/gloves/bags/cars etc.) if you are not careful!

  • Step 4 – Buff up your skis 

Watch this video on how to correctly buff up your skis using a diamond file: 

  • Step 5 – Wax your skis

Last but not least of the tuning process is to wax your skis. This is an imperative step to prepare your skis during the summer to keep them sealed and protected. Using wax and a waxing iron, lather a thick but even layer of hot wax over the edges and bases to avoid your skis getting damp and most importantly, to keep any rust from seeping through. Just remember to scrape off the wax from your skis when next season begins and then you will be ready to hit the slopes. 

Faction’s Pro Tip: Note that the wax you put on your skis eventually comes out of the base and ends up on the mountain and in local watercourses (eventually ending up at sea). To reduce the impact on the environment, always choose a non-fluorinated biodegradable wax.

  • Step 6 – Protect the bindings


If you have got this far and you want to go the extra mile, the next thing you can do is protect the bindings. There are many different ways to restore your bindings, but the most simple way is to dial down the DIN settings of both toe and heel pieces to the minimum number using a screwdriver and turn them counterclockwise. Just remember to turn the DIN screws back to their original settings before you go skiing. 

Useful Tip: If you are worried that come winter, you may forget to readjust the settings, write a note and cover it over the bindings as a reminder to do this before you hit the slopes!

  • Step 7 – Where to store your skis? 

This is a commonly asked question and an important element of keeping your skis as good as new. The best and most recommended place to effectively store your skis is in your house in a cool and dry environment such as the following. 

Where TO store your skis: 

  • Hung on a wall 

  • Under your bed 

  • Coat Closet / Wardrobe 

  • Out of direct sunlight 

  • Unzipped ski bag

Where NOT to store your skis:

  • A Garage

  • An Attic

  • A Basement, 

  • A Shed 

  • Outside

  • Anywhere in a damp or cold environment

Useful Tip: Wherever you choose to store your skis, ensure that there are no heavy objects or other sports equipment which could potentially weigh down your skis and simply damage or bend them out of shape.

  • Step 8 – Wait for the first snowfall to hit. 

Relax, enjoy your summer and wait patiently for next season. Once the season rolls in, remember to scrape the wax off your skis and you are ready to hit the slopes! 

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