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1. Be patient — They might pick it up straight away, but there is a good chance that they will spend the first couple of hours mainly on their bottoms! But after a few lessons, they will be gliding across the slopes in no time.

2. Bring snacks — Pack a few little extra snacks in your child’s pockets, or make sure to have plenty in your backpack if you are accompanying them on the slopes – a few chocolates or sweets will give them a much-needed energy boost at some point during the lesson.

3. Dress them appropriately — Take plenty of warm clothes when you go skiing with kids as young children can be particularly sensitive to the cold – they also enjoy playing in the snow!! Clothing should include; a thermal layer on the top and bottom, a fleece layer and then an insulated + waterproof ski jacket and trousers. An insider tip for young children – buy them mittens instead of standard gloves, they’re far easier to put on!

4. Stay hydrated — You’d be surprised how much water is needed to stay hydrated whilst out on the slopes, children often get so into their skiing they don’t want to stop for a break. Encourage the odd stop and make sure they have some water, as well as hot chocolate! 

5. Enrol Them in Lessons— Having the right ski instructor for your child is really important. On Maison Sport you get to choose from a huge variety of independent instructors, all with verified reviews. This allows you to make an informed decision on who is best suited for you and your child.