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Do you want your ski jacket to look as good as new without actually having to spend a fortune on a new one? 

The best way to look at your ski gear is as an investment for all your winter seasons ahead. By investing in top quality jackets and practising the correct care and storage, you will not have to replace them for years to come, which is not only more cost-effective, it is also the most sustainable approach. 

So why not take this month to try and learn something new to keep your jackets and clothing looking fresh and in top condition. Not only can this save you money and time but it’s easier than you might think. 

Let’s be honest, once the season rolls in, we don’t want to be thinking or worrying about the state of our ski jackets. Instead, we want to be enjoying that first snowfall and hitting the slopes as soon as we can. This is why it is important to make the most out of the summer to prepare your ski gear so you know that come winter, you are ready from head to toe in your well-stored and clean jackets!

Top tips for storing and cleaning your ski jackets

  • Hand or machine wash your garments but just be mindful to check the label of the clothing and follow the instructions on the product description. If you use the washing machine, turn your ski garments and jackets inside out before placing them in to preserve damage or discolouring of any designs and patterns.


  • Close all the zippers and velcro pockets to stop any damage occurring on the fabric. Empty your pockets – sounds simple enough but we’d be lying if we haven’t at least once accidentally forgot to do this.


  • Wash on a gentle or “synthetic” cycle and use a specific outerwear washing detergent which you can purchase online or in a ski gear shop. This is sure to not have any bleaching or harsh chemicals that can damage your jackets while maintaining it’s waterproof finish. Do not be tempted to use any fabric softener or washing powder – this can only cause harm to your jackets and decrease its lifespan.


  • If you want to go the extra-mile and we always recommend you do, there are specific re-proofing sprays to top up and maintain the delicate areas of the jacket such as the sleeves, shoulders and seams. Just be sure to spray only on clean clothing as it works far more effectively.


  • Once your washing cycle has finished, place your clothes directly into the dryer leaving no time in between. Set an alarm for when the wash is going to finish to ensure you can quickly switch your clothes into the dryer.


  • Tumble-drying your jackets is highly recommended as opposed to taking them to the dry cleaners as solvents can reduce the quality of the fabric’s water resistance. Dry on a low heat and a good tip is throw a tennis ball or two in the machine to fluff up the down feathers! Once the cycle has finished, hang on a hanger in a dry environment to ensure it is completely dry and there is no water residue left from the wash.


  • If you do not own a tumble dryer, you can air-dry them inside out and place on a hanger until fully dried. Once it’s dry enough, you can use an iron but please ensure to set the setting to ‘synthetic’. Place a towel on top of the outer fabric and then pass the iron quickly and gently over the towel.


  • Either way you choose, these methods will ensure your jackets are properly cleaned and dried ready to be stored in the correct environment.

Where to store your ski jackets during the off season

Let’s start off with how not to store your down jacket which is to never flatten or squeeze them in small, confined spaces as this causes the feathers to bunch up taking away it’s airy and light feel.

It’s also not advised to pack it in plastic as this prohibits any air getting to the jacket which is what it needs to breathe.

Instead, place your jackets in an airy environment and cover with some light tissue paper which protects it from dust and direct sunlight. If you can, buying a ski bag is an excellent way to store your jacket!

Follow these simple steps on how to best clean and store your ski garments and jackets to keep them in top-notch condition for years to come.

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Now it’s time for you to clock off, enjoy the rest of the summer and prepare for what we hope to be the best season yet! 

The Instructor Community Team