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We have put together a review of our favourite skiing apps to use on the slopes. From 3D mapping to activity tracking, there is an app to help streamline and optimise your time on the mountain. Just remember those touchscreen-friendly gloves…

Best App to Track Skiing & Snowboarding


Slopes is a fantastic ski app for tracking your day on the mountain. You will be able to uncover a wealth of information about your performance, know your speed, vertical drop, run times, distance, number of runs completed and more. You can also connect with your friends on the app and set up friendly competitions against 8 different stats throughout the season. Slopes will also log all of your personal stats in one place so you can look back at your Season Stats, to see how you did over the course of an entire chunk of the year.

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Slopes ski apps let you find and connect with your friends
Image Source: App Store Preview

Slopes also supports live location sharing so you are able to see where you and your friends are on the mountain- this is all opt-in and privacy-focussed so you are able to turn it on and off and only connect with your friends. Slopes integrates with Apple Watch so you can see how you’re pushing yourself with live heart rate data and make sure you close those activity rings! Slopes offers a premium version, with real-time stats for each and every run and a full timeline of your day so you are able to find out where you hit your top speeds and which was your best run. We would highly recommend this app for anyone wanting to check their stats and connect with friends on the mountain!
Download Slopes here.

Download Slopes here.

Best App for Ski Maps

Fat Map

Fat Map is a fantastic ski app to help navigate around any ski resort. It will track your location and you will be able to see all the maps in 3D allowing you to see details on slope gradient, aspect and altitude, all so you can visualise your location more easily. Fat Map offers descriptions, locations and guides to every piste in all the resorts they have listed on their app. It is an app that is excellent for route planning and to familiarise yourself with a new area.

The Fat Map ski app allows you to see all the maps in 3D
Image Source: App Store Preview

For those looking to venture off-piste the route maps also include highly detailed guides, including the best off-piste lines and the facility to record your routes. Whilst this information is very detailed we would still recommend that you obtain the services of a guide if you are skiing unknown terrain rather than relying entirely on the app, but it makes an excellent place to start.

Download Fat Map here.

Best Ski App for Safety

White Risk

White Risk is an app that offers detailed and up-to-date avalanche information so you are able to understand the conditions and hazards. The app gives access to an interactive avalanche bulletin and provides the latest snow and weather data. Please note this app only operates in Switzerland at present but individual resort apps will provide similar information for you in other countries.

White Risk has a comprehensive portal for avalanche prevention
Image Source: App Store Review

White risk also provides background knowledge to assist in assessing the avalanche danger, and tools to facilitate planning both before departure and en route, for ski touring, snowshoe hiking and freeriding expeditions. It is the perfect app to ensure you feel safe for all the adventures your heart desires.

Download White Risk here.

Best Ski App for Forecasting is a fantastic app that gives real-time snow forecasting. It offers interactive weather maps and has a ‘snowfinder’ which suggests the nearest best conditions to you and even pings you with ‘snow alerts’ via email or push notification. The snow forecasts are split for every resort for top, middle and bottom lifts so you can get the most accurate forecasts for different elevations.

They have also now integrated resort webcam imagery where possible so you are able to see live what the conditions are up the hill. The interactive map they offer allows you to see yourself on the terrain and marked pistes which is super helpful if you’re skiing in particularly bad weather so you can stay on the right track and not get lost from others. We have our ‘snow alerts’ turned on for all of our favourite resorts so we can book our trip to the mountains as soon as the first snow arrives!

Download here.

Ski Resort Apps

It is also worth noting that many ski resorts have their own apps which offer full guides to the resort. You will be able to find information like piste maps, ski lift openings/closures, what pistes have been groomed, local weather conditions, webcams and safety information.

Many resort apps have even included more detailed guides with information such as restaurant recommendations and shopping tips. You will often find other key information such as walking or hiking routes for non-skiers, bus timetables and any local events that may be happening. Simply check the official website or type the resort name into the app store to find your resort’s app.

Finished Reading Our Picks for the Best Skiing Apps? Connect With Maison Sport’s Expert Instructors for the Ultimate Ski Experience!

The skiing apps we have included cover a wide range of ski resorts across Europe. If you don’t see the resort you are travelling to listed when you download the app, do get in touch with us and we can try and help you find an alternative app or provide you with the information you are looking for. 

Once you make your decision about where to go and what dates to choose make sure to book your instructor with us at Maison Sport. When you book you will be able to chat to your instructor before your trip to plan any last-minute details. Our instructors will know their resorts inside out so will be able to update you on snow conditions, and guide you around the best routes on the mountain, whilst ensuring you are safe and having a great time!

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