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As we approach the end of our second season, we are lucky to now have considerable data on the demand for ski/snowboard lessons across each of our ski resorts.

Our instructor sign up has been really high in some ski resorts and much lower in others – this is typically due to the number of existing independents working in each resort.

Below we have made a list of our resorts which have seen high search volumes and more enquires per instructor. Busy ski resorts and fewer instructors = more available business.


Instructor sign up (Main resort) – 4

The busiest of the 5 and home to one of the founders of Maison Sport. Nick took €15,000 in bookings after making himself available for just 6 weeks this winter. We haven’t even begun turning up the marketing here.

La Plagne

Instructor sign up (Main resort) – 2

We have had a huge amount of unfulfilled requests, we think skiers are looking for more options for ski schools with just a handful operating. 

Les Arcs 

Instructor sign up (Main resort) – 3

Similar to La Plagne there aren’t a huge amount of schools here, so we have seen huge demand from customers, currently instructors from Tignes and Val d’Isere are making their way over to teach here in quiet periods. 


Instructor sign up (Main resort) – 7

Although online it appears like we have a high number of instructors signed up in Meribel, we are slightly short, at the moment most of the work is being taken by instructors who are predominately based in Courchevel or one of the other surrounding resorts. 

Alpe d’Huez 

Instructor sign up (Main resort) – 4

Similar to Les Arcs and La Plagne there isn’t a huge amount of choice for customers here.

If you already work in one of these resorts or would like to, please get in touch with us at [email protected]. Remember sign up is free and you choose what you charge and when you work.