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  1. The Scoop

Popular amongst beginners but can result in tired biceps! This simply gets the job done, arms out in front of and just scoop the skis up so they are laying horizontal in your arms. Beware — of whacking other skiers with the ends of the skis in lift queues!

2. The Local

One for the child prodigy; carrying their skis on their shoulder with the tips at the front and bindings behind the shoulder. Definitely not recommended whilst standing in a lift queue!

3. The Hugger

The go to move when a child is tired, hug and waddle. I think the name gives away the technique!

4. The Tommy Gun

Skis tucked under the arm, tips pointing forward; this is an evolution of the hugger and certainly an upgrade.

5. The claw

Great for lift queues and a firm favourite amongst slightly older children, use the toe binding like a handle. They need to make sure they hold the right toe piece though, otherwise the skis will slip apart!

For lift queues — we would always go for “The Claw”

General walking around with skis — our favourite is “The Tommy Gun”.

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