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Over the past 2 seasons we have witnessed over €2 Million worth of bookings be missed by instructors, the good news…. we have a way to fix it. 

From now on if customers are unable to secure a booking with the instructors they message, then we are going to post their enquiry onto a page for all instructors to see. This page is called the “Enquiries Board” and can be found by logging into your user area here, and click “Find Clients”.

Enquiries will be visible in a list format with basic information displayed, including the resort and date of the booking, you will only ever be shown bookings for resorts that you are listed in. Further information can be found by clicking “view”. 

If you decide you would like some more information or you are interested in receiving the booking, you can message the customer directly by click “send message”. 

Make sure to include any information that will help the customer book you, and make sure to sell yourself! If the customer wants to book you, then can by selecting the time slots on your profile and booking in the normal way.

Even if you cant offer exactly what a customer wants, it may help for them to see alternative offers, so it might be worth the message. 

If you have any feedback on the enquiry or any other part of Maison Sport, please send us an email on [email protected] 

Many thanks,