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You can now create ‘Recurring Events’ in your Maison Sport calendar, allowing you to block an identical period of time across multiple days.

This is really useful for instructors who have taken a booking from another source, that repeats in a consistent fashion. You can now block this period much more easily. For example, if you have personal customers who have booked you on Monday – Friday in the mornings from say 9am to 1pm, you can block all of these morning slots with one recurring event instead of having to create 5 individual events on your calendar. 

To create a recurring event, click the + button on your calendar and then ‘Add new event’ just as before. Create your period of time you want to block over a certain day, and then scroll down the box and click the toggle button next to ‘Recurring event?’. Then choose how often you want it to repeat and until what date. Finally, choose a colour for the event and click ‘Create’. Your recurring event is now created and visible in your calendar!

This is a feature that many of you will be familiar with if you already use another type of online calendar such as iCloud or Google. Don’t forget to try our Calendar Sync feature if this is you!