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Trying to find an available instructor the day before half-term holidays starts is nearly impossible, and what about during Christmas week? Not a chance. We know how hard it has been for some of you to book your favourite instructors last minute this past winter season, which is why we are sharing the benefits of booking your ski or snowboarding lessons as early as now! If you’re not convinced, then read these 5 reasons why you should book your ski lessons for winter 22/23 as soon as possible:

You Get To Choose First

We always say that one of the advantages of using Maison Sport is you get to choose who your instructor will be, with hundreds of profiles for you to choose from, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect one for you. What we can’t guarantee is that your perfect instructor won’t be booked already. Booking your lessons early will give you access to the widest possible range of available instructors and you’ll get to choose the instructor that fits your exact needs. By leaving things to the last minute you’ll always run the risk of not finding your favourite instructor available for the dates or times you want.

You Get Exactly What You Want

Booking your lessons as early as a year in advance will ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for instead of having to accommodate your needs to the instructors’ availability. Many people who wait until the last minute to book their lessons, especially during peak week holidays, sometimes find themselves having to change their preferred times or number of lessons because the instructors have their calendars almost full. If you plan your trip and leave your lessons to the last minute then you might have to change other activities if you can’t find lessons for your preferred times, booking early will ensure your trip schedule goes exactly as planned.

You Get The Best Prices

A holiday on the mountains with all the family will always be a little expensive, but everybody knows that the earlier you book things in, usually, the less you pay. Almost all families know the exact dates when they can go on vacation due to school holidays, this is the perfect opportunity to book everything with plenty of time in advance. Instructors know how busy peak weeks get and how last minute demand is incredibly high, this allows them to increase their prices right before these weeks knowing that clients who left their organisation until the last minute will have no other choice but to book at the inflated price. This has always been the case, whether you are booking through a ski school or through a platform you will probably pay more if you wait until the last minute of busy weeks.

You Won’t Have to Stress

How relaxed do you feel after you get everything booked and your trip schedule planned and set weeks in advance? Imagine having that feeling right away, you plan your yearly trip and then just enjoy the time as the trip approaches. Securing your lessons months in advance will avoid unnecessary stress about having to rush all your planning and risk not finding what you were looking for. Plus by booking everything in advance you’ll have plenty of time to clarify any questions or doubts with your instructor, making it easier to get ready for your first lesson.

You Can Always Change Your Mind

One of the greatest advantages of booking early is you will always have enough time to change your mind and get your money back. With all of the cancellation policies available for almost all services, you will always have time to change your trip’s details. For example, on Maison Sport we not only have a great cancellation policy, but we also have the possibility of booking your lessons with just a 20% reimbursable deposit.This means you get all the benefits previously mentioned of booking an instructor extra early, and you can secure it with a simple 20% deposit that you’ll get back should you change your mind.

It is clear to us that there can be no downsides to booking your lessons as early as now, even better if you book before instructors go on their summer break, especially if you weren’t able to find an instructor for this past winter season. Many instructors have already updated their calendars for next year’s peak weeks and they are already taking bookings so don’t let your favourite instructor get booked up before you’ve had your chance to book your preferred lessons.

The Maison Sport Instructors are Waiting for You!