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By appearing at the top of the search results you drastically increase your chances of being booked. We have tried to make the algorithm fair for the instructor whilst also making sure we match each customer with their ideal instructor. Below is a simple guide to climbing the results and increasing your bookings on Maison Sport. 

Finish your profile (5 minutes) 

These are easy points, if you haven’t completed your profile do it now, and make sure its done to a high level. This is a relatively short task that can have a big impact. 

Choose your Main Resort wisely 

You appear higher in your main resort than your additional resorts. Make sure you check your main resort is your resort of choice. 


The more bookings you accept the more points you build, this is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario, but make sure your availability is up to date and any enquiry’s you receive do your best to take them. 


Not only do 5 star reviews encourage customers to choose you, they also boost you up the results. Chase any customers that haven’t left you reviews. You can read more on reviews here;

Stop declining bookings 

Each time you decline a booking you lose points, the key here is keeping your availability up to date, especially for the peak weeks. Make sure your pricing and time slots are correct. 

Respond quickly 

Responding quickly is great for customers, it means they can book their lessons in promptly and not miss out on availability. We also factor this into our algorithm, so make sure you respond as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with Louisa or the rest of the team at Maison Sport.