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1. My ski instructor doesn’t speak my language.

Make sure you request the language spoken at the time of booking and make it a condition of your booking that the instructor speaks your language. Alternatively, you can look for independent instructors or choose instructors from their “team” page.


2. Booked in to a group that is too easy or too hard for the skier’s ability

When the ski school/instructor takes your booking make sure you give them all the information regarding the skier’s ability. It is also important for them to know when they last skied as this might have a big impact on their level for the first couple of days. As a final note, sadly, there always has to be a best and a worst in any group so it’s worth bearing this in mind prior to requesting to move up or down a level.

3. I can’t find my instructor

Making sure you know where to meet for your lesson before you arrive in resort is the best way to avoid any confusion. Don’t leave it until the last minute, if you try and call the night before the lesson you might end up not being able to get through to the ski school or instructor, resulting in a panicked, stressful first morning!


4. The instructor is pushing me or my children too hard

Before you book your lesson be clear with whoever is taking the booking what you would like to get from the lesson, this can then be passed onto the instructor. Even better, if the instructor is taking the booking personally you can tell them yourself! Make sure you remind the instructor on the day of the first lessons, to ensure they know exactly what you/or your children want to get from the lessons.

5. I just don’t like my instructor

Some personalities just don’t go together, some people don’t like smokers, some want a younger or older instructor, male or female – the list goes on! Being able to choose your instructor solves this problem, either tell the ski school your preference or look on their “team” page. You could also find an independent instructor that you think you will work well with, by searching Google or using a marketplace such as

To choose your instructor and not your ski school visit