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We have officially come to the end of the most bizarre winter season, and hopefully the only one like it for the foreseeable future. The past year has been challenging for everyone, to say the least, and for our company, our team, the instructor community, and you, our customers, it hasn’t been any different. 

This is why we wanted to say goodbye to this winter season by focusing on the positives instead of the negatives, we want to share with you all the good that has come from a year in which our industry was forced to shut down almost completely, but nonetheless, we were still able to make progress, adapt to change, and continue to successfully grow.  

Here are some of our proudest achievements of the past year!

From Our Customer Success Team

We are bringing a revolutionary service to the market which is why it is so important to us that you, the customers, enjoy the experience from the moment you land on our website to the time you complete your lesson. Our customer success team works non-stop to ensure all your queries are answered and resolve any problem you may have while booking your lessons. 

Since most ski resorts were closed around Europe, we had to think of alternative ways to ensure you could still go skiing and book some lessons with the instructors on Maison Sport, which is why we introduced three new disciplines on our website. The introduction of ski touring, telemark, and cross-country skiing was crucial to ensure those of you who were not in Switzerland but still somewhere with snow and mountains could practice your skiing/snowboarding or even learn a new sport. Many of you did just that and we are beyond excited to see how satisfied you have been with the new disciplines available. Who knows, maybe we’ll have some new ones next season…

It is evident that our customer success team has done an outstanding job this season, 60% of this year’s bookings have been reviewed by our customers and over 95% of these were 5-star reviews! Also, we care to add that our Customer Satisfaction Rate, which takes into account your ratings of our customer service, has an overall score of 90% which is in our opinion a great success and you can be sure we’ll be aiming to improve on this over the coming 12 months!

“In the past year we have grown our team considerably, making great improvements across all the departments, this has meant we have been able to provide an even better service to both customers and instructors. We are looking forward to an incredible Winter 21/22 and to welcoming more people to Maison Sport as we continue to expand into new territories and grow.”

– Aaron, Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer 

From Our Instructor Community Team

Another integral part of our community are the instructors that use Maison Sport.  Our founders know the industry first-hand and therefore wanted to create a service that catered to the needs of the independent ski and snowboard instructors, helping them increase their earnings and make the most out of their winters is something we take very seriously. 

Our Instructor Community team is available 24/7, constantly in contact with the instructors on our platform, helping them optimize their profiles, ensuring their teaching permits are in order and making sure they are available for as many bookings as possible. We are happy to see that their efforts have clearly paid off since in the past year our instructor community has grown by almost 70%, and at one point or another, our team has been in contact with every single one of these instructors. 

We won’t give all our secrets away but a few other exciting milestones in the instructor area were the introduction of Instant Book as a new feature that allows customers to book an instructor as little as 30 minutes before the lesson is due to take place. This has really been beneficial for both instructors and customers especially during Covid times when most of you had to book your vacations at the last minute. In fact, 38% of bookings this year were Instant Book which shows us you really appreciated this feature too. 

From Our Technical Team

We have an incredible team of developers that work hard to make sure our website and apps run smoothly every day and this year not only have they succeeded at that, but they have also brought great upgrades to our platform. You can now see if an instructor has been fully verified by the Maison Sport Team by checking their profile and see if they have a blue tick mark next to their name, or if they are available for instant booking if they have a lightning bolt showing on their profile. 

Our team has also created the new Maison Sport Instructor App which allows instructors to receive notifications through the app directly on their phones making the whole booking process even easier and quicker. Instructors spend most of their time out on the mountains so we knew they needed something to access their calendars and bookings from wherever they might be, and this app does just that, a game changer if you ask us. 

“The past 12 months have given us the chance to make some major upgrades to our platform infrastructure, whilst adding some great new features. We’re currently working on some huge updates to the platform, building on what we’ve done over the past few months, which will greatly improve your experience using our platform. Look out for our updates, as we release new features over the summer months, in time for what looks like a very busy winter 21/22!”

– Olly, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer.

From Our Marketing Team

Marketing is a crucial part of any business and our team makes sure our brand reaches our audience and transmits our idea, mission, and service in the best possible way. This year we decided to expand into new territories, Switzerland and Italy, and thanks to our marketing effort we were able to increase our Swiss-based users by 431% and our Italian-based users by 266%. We look forward to expanding into new territories next season too, watch this space… 

Our social media platforms continue to grow as we bring more relevant content to our followers daily, and our weekly newsletters have been a success which only shows how much you all enjoy staying in the loop of our latest news. Sharing our instructors’ stories, tips for beginners, and information about ski resorts are, in our opinion, important information for anyone following us. Stay tuned as we have already started to create some great content for next season you won’t want to miss.  

From All the Maison Sport Team 

As a team, we all share the same vision and goals, which is why we work together to overcome the challenges and share the successes. It is important for us to let you know that you have all been a part of the growth of Maison Sport, thank you for your support and custom, in what has been such a challenging year. 

“I am proud of the progress we have made in in the past year, despite the challenges our industry and others have faced, it truly shows adaptability and resilience from our team in the face of a challenge. We are anticipating a huge 21/22 winter for Maison Sport and are excited to share a bunch of updates and improvements we’ve made to the service over the coming months.”

– Nick, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer 

We look forward to welcoming all of you back for a great Winter 2021/22 and we are excited for what’s to come. We are continuously planning new features and upgrades to our services and next season will not be different. Stay safe and start planning your Winter vacations because Ski Season 21/22 is going to be big and our team is ready, are you?

The Maison Sport Instructors are Waiting for You