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Lift closures

In some resorts, when the ski season is over the lifts are removed from the cables, and the cables lowered, with the lifts being stored over the summer to ensure they are kept in good condition for the following season. Other resorts will keep certain lifts running for use by mountain bikers and hikers. Some resorts will simply leave the lifts as they are, perhaps carrying out routine maintenance work before they reopen the following season. 

Snow Melt Management

As the snow begins to melt, resort staff will need to manage the water runoff to prevent erosion and ensure that melting snow does not damage any infrastructure. This can involve building water flow control structures, such as retaining walls or sediment ponds, and carefully monitoring the water levels and flow rates.

Maintenance and repair works

Summer is the ideal time for the resort workers to carry out repairs and upgrades to lifts, ski slopes and other infrastructure. This work can include everything from replacing worn out machinery, to repairing lift towers and even relandscaping to change the shape of a piste or making new pistes all together. The resorts might also use this time to build new lifts and expand the resort’s capacity.

Preparation for summer activities

Many ski resorts offer a variety of summer activities such as hiking, mountain biking and golf. Preparations for these activities will include creating and maintaining trails, preparing golf courses and setting up equipment for adventure sports. This could include building new hiking trails or adding obstacles for adventure sports.

Golf course and reservoir lake in Courchevel 1850.

Golf course and reservoir lake in Courchevel 1850.

Where are the most popular resorts for summer activities?

St Moritz, Switzerland

This luxury ski resort offers lots of summer activities including hiking, mountain biking and horse riding. They also put on outdoor festivals and lots of events held throughout the summer

Livigno, Italy

Livigno has a great atmosphere during the summer where you can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, zip lining and rock climbing. Livigno is also known for its fantastic range of tax free shopping.

Zell am See, Austria

Zell am See offers a range of summer activities including hiking, mountain biking and golf. The lake in Zell am See also gives visitors the chance to enjoy watersports such as swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding.

Zell am See lake.

Zell am See lake.

The 3 Valleys

During the summer The 3 Valleys offer activities such as hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, golf, white water rafting, adventure parks and scenic chairlift rides with beautiful mountain views.

What do our ski instructors do in the summer months?

Many of the ski instructors remain in the resorts they spend their winters in, sticking to their outdoorsy, active lifestyles, working as hiking guides, mountain bike guides or even watersports instructors. Some instructors follow the winter and work in the Southern Hemisphere, in resorts in the likes of Australia and New Zealand. Other instructors may work so intensely during the peak winter season that they will use the summer to take some much needed rest and recovery!

We will be catching up with the instructors during the summer months so make sure to stay tuned to see what they are getting up to!