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We have compiled a list including everything you will need to bring with you on your next trip to the mountains. Don’t leave a stone unturned. We have added check boxes so you can either save the list digitally or print to tick the items off and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything!

Ski/Snowboard Equipment

▢ Ski or Snowboard Boots (if you are bringing your own, or SkiSet voucher from Maison Sport).

▢ Skis/Poles or Snowboard (if you are bringing your own, or SkiSet voucher from Maison Sport).

▢ Ski Helmet – we would always recommend that everyone skis with a helmet. Please also bear in mind that some resorts will require children to wear a helmet as a legal requirement, such as in Italy and some states in Austria. You have the option of renting a helmet with ski rental when you book your lessons on our website.

▢ Goggles – it is best to buy or borrow a pair of goggles before you head to the mountains as you will not be able to rent them. Goggles are particularly essential for days with heavy snowfall and poor visibility. 

▢ Day Rucksack – if you want to carry any food, water or extra layers, we recommend one with clips so it stays secured.

▢ Shovel, probe and transceiver – for those venturing off-piste. 

Ski/Snowboard Clothing

▢ Ski Jacket – make sure its waterproof and breathable.

▢ Salopettes – again make sure they are waterproof and breathable.

▢ Ski Gloves or Mittens – also must be waterproof, especially if you are new to skiing to break your falls! Mittens tend to be better for kids who may struggle putting gloves on and also can be warmer. 

▢ Thermal Base Layers – the warmest ones tend to be merino wool.

▢ Neck Warmer – this is especially important with high winds and snow.

▢ Ski Socks – you need to use socks that are specifically designed to provide padding and comfort in your boots.

▢ Fleeces/Mid-Layers – these will be essential in colder weeks of the season, if you don’t want to purchase new gear, sweatshirts, long sleeve t-shirts and hoodies are also great choices.

▢ Hats or Headbands – to keep your head warm and looking stylish at après or around town.

▢ Sunglasses – a must for sunny terrace lunches and the aprés bars!

Other Clothing

▢ Regular Gloves – for when you are off the slopes but still want toasty hands!

▢ Casual T-Shirts or Tops.

▢ Jumper or Fleeces.

▢ Underwear – including a sports bra if required for skiing.

▢ Regular Socks.

▢ Trousers/Joggers.

▢ Pyjamas/Slippers – make sure you’re comfortable after skiing!

▢ Toiletries – including toothbrush, lip salve with SPF, moisturiser – the mountain air can make sure skin more dry, any medication, make-up etc.

▢ Sun Cream – the atmosphere is thinner and less protective at high altitude and the sunlight also bounces off the snow which makes sunburn more likely, make sure to use sun cream even when it doesn’t look obviously sunny!

▢ Scarf.

▢ Shoes – including boots with a grippy sole.


▢ Travel Adaptors.

▢ Speakers/Headphones.

▢ Ear Plugs.

▢ Hip Flask.

▢ Books.

▢ Snacks – don’t forget to pack your favourite snacks, the physical exertion is likely to increase your appetite so make sure to have snacks on hand to keep you well-fuelled. 

▢ Hairdryer/Hair Straighteners.

▢ Cards/Games.

Travel Essentials

▢ Passport.

▢ Driving Licence.

▢ Local Currency.

▢ Flight/Train/Ferry/Transfer Details.

▢ Insurance Details.

▢ Phone and Charger.

▢ Power Bank.

▢ and finally… Maison Sport lesson details!