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Emily was born in the Italian ski resort of Sauze d’Oulx, this is where her passion for skiing started and continues to this day. After moving to Meribel, France and working for New Generation Ski & Snowboard School, Emily has now decided to go back to Sauze to work as an independent ski instructor, but will combine this with still working a few peak weeks in Meribel, making great use of Maison Sports new feature; allowing you to tailor your availability in individual resorts for a given day or week. 

MS: Why did you decide to become a ski instructor?

Emily: I decided to become a ski instructor because I live in a ski resort and thanks to my parents I have skied since I was three years old so it is a way of life for me and I enjoy transmitting my passion to others.

MS: How long have you been working as a ski instructor?

Emily: I have been working as a ski instructor for 3 years now.

MS: Why did you not work for yourself before now?

Emily: I haven’t worked for myself before because I felt I needed a bit more experience working with ski schools in different resorts before working independently.

You can sign up to Maison Sport in France, Switzerland and Italy by clicking here.

MS: You have taught in both Italy and France, what are the main differences between the two in terms of working as an instructor?

Emily: In terms of working as a ski instructor working in France is a lot easier than working in Italy, the lift system helps you by having a priority line, there is a larger range of slopes, e.g green slopes, making it a lot easier to teach beginners, but my way of teaching is exactly the same.

MS: Why did you decide to go independent?

Emily: I decided to go independent because I like to be able to choose my clients and deal with them directly from the start on a professional personal level.

MS: What are your expectations for this winter?

Emily: My expectations for this winter are to have satisfied clients that have enjoyed skiing and would like to return.

MS: How is Maison Sport helping you achieve your goals?

Emily: Maison Sport is helping me by collaborating with me, tailoring my schedule depending on what resort I am in, the days and hours I am available and quoting my personal rates.

If you are interested in signing up to Maison Sport you can find more information here.