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We know that when one to two lessons are booked by a customer there is a very high chance that they will book more lessons once their first lesson is complete. In fact, our data shows that 50% of people who book one or two initial lessons will book more lessons when in resort. This can greatly impact your business and we want to further increase the percentage of customers who re-book. Consequently, we have recently updated our re-booking policy to ensure a better experience for our customers, and to help you to get repeat bookings on Maison Sport.  

Historically we gave the customer a discount if they re-booked lessons with the same instructor, but last year we switched this so that instructors would pay zero fees on re-bookings, but customers would still pay the full Maison Sport fees. Our aim was to see an increase in the number of re-bookings through the site, however, it hasn’t been as successful as we had hoped.

From your feedback, it came to our attention that this policy led to customers asking you to take the re-booking directly so that they could avoid paying the Maison Sport fees. We know that this put you in a difficult situation, as you wanted to provide the customer with the best service possible. This is why we have changed our fees for re-bookings to almost zero. Whether it’s for the next day, or the next year, if a customer re-books you once their initial booking is complete they will pay just a 1% payment processing fee and nothing else. Instructors will also pay a 1% payment processing fee.  

What are the benefits to you, the customer and Maison Sport?

The customer can easily pay for the lesson securely with their existing card on their account – no need to try and get cash or send you a bank transfer.

Ever had a customer ‘book’ a lesson and promise you cash the next day, only to cancel it at the last minute? If so, taking the re-booking via Maison Sport ensures that you’re protected by our cancellation policy – so you get paid for no-shows!

Re-bookings will also help to boost your profile in the search results.

No need to manually update your calendar – this is the key benefit for us and also for you. 

If the re-booking is done via the platform it means it’s in your calendar so there’s no chance of being double booked. 

Please note the new re-booking policy will only apply to re-bookings that take place after 14 February 2024. Finally, with this change we would like to remind you that to abide by our terms and conditions, customers should re-book you via Maison Sport and not be directed to book you in a way which circumvents the platform.

For more information on our updated re-booking policy and how it benefits you, get in touch with our Instructor Community team today at [email protected].