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Bernard is not only a professional ski instructor but also a life coach, he is incredibly passionate about skiing and mountain life in general. He has more than 35 years teaching experience around the world, and is currently based in Val d’Isere working as an indepedent instructor. 

MS: How long have you been a ski instructor?

BC: Since 1981

MS: Which is your preferred ski resort to teach in?

BC: Val D’Isère, I also like Tignes and others too.

MS: When did you decide to go independent and why?

BC: It was when I opened a ski shop that I became independent; later when the shop closed I stayed freelance.

MS: From your perspective, what is the best thing about working for yourself?

BC: I do not see things in terms of best or better, in fact an independent is only independent as far as the Ego is concerned. That said Ego is confusing being independent for being autonomous. The independent instructor in not autonomous and this lack of autonomy leads to frustration and inadequate seasonal turnover. This is where Maison Sport really shines by providing THE structure that is designed to allow the independent to finally become autonomous for the first time. I’m not sure how many independents have realised that they are not autonomous at all.

Concerning myself, I see autonomy as a way of bringing forward the higher expression of self for both myself and others, through the sport of skiing as skiing lends itself so well for this application.

MS: Would you recommend another instructor to become an independent?

BC: Yes I would and especially to those who have a worthy aspect of human development to share with clients through the magic of skiing.

MS: Did Maison Sport help you in any way last winter?

BC: Yes very much so, beyond my expectations and partly thanks to your great support services.

MS: What did you like most about using the platform?

BC: That it works very well, that it is easy to use and to know that Maison Sport people are really good people.

MS: Will you continue using Maison Sport?

BC: Absolutely and with great pleasure.

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