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Last week we sat down with ski instructor and competition winner Caroline De Klerk, keep on reading to find out why she went independent and how Maison Sport helped her have a successful winter. If you’re interested in signing up to Maison Sport you can learn more here.

MS: When did you finish your instructor qualifications?

CD: In May last year.

MS: So you went independent in your first season being qualified?

CD: Yes, it was a great choice.

MS: Sounds like the winter went well?

CD: I worked less hours than with the ski school, but earnt the same amount of money therefore I had lots more free time.

MS: That’s awesome, what did you do with the extra free time you had?

CD: I went skiing a lot for myself, I was telemarking a lot as well as ski touring which was great fun.

MS: Why did you sign up to Maison Sport?

CD: I started the winter as an independent instructor for the first time, I have some clients on my own after working in Val for 4 seasons but there are a lot of independents in resort, and most of the shops and hotels already have relationships in place. I needed to find more clients so Maison Sport made sense.

MS: What made you choose to sign up to Maison Sport?

CD: The rate you charge is very good value (3%), it was also really easy to set up my profile and organise meeting the clients, you also pay straight after the lesson which is great.

MS: Would you recommend Maison Sport to other instructors and why?

CD: Of course.. I already have! All of the above, plus the customer support is great, when there was an issue Maison Sport sorted out the problem for me so I could continue to teach.

MS: Why do you enjoy working for yourself?

CD: First of all I have never liked working for someone else (she laughs), secondly I like to be in charge of my time table and organise myself. I also like to be free.

MS: Will you be using Maison Sport next winter?

CD: Of course!

MS: After a great first season being independent yourself, what would you say to another instructor thinking of going independent?

CD: I think when you know the moment is right, I felt like I really wanted to be independent, I needed to be. Don’t be afraid, just follow your heart with no fear, it will work. Maison Sport is a great help.

MS: What will you spend the money on from winning the competition?

CD: At first I thought I would treat myself, but I already did that at the end of the winter. I bought myself an awesome camper van, so it will help pay for that.

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