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Our goal at Maison Sport it to take the experience of booking ski lessons to the next level, this means not just taking care of the client before the lesson but also after it.

Our new feature allows you to leave your client feedback after the lesson has taken place. You can do it by selecting the leave feedback button in each booking.

Why you should do it.

– It means the customer is able to log onto their account before their next ski holiday and pick up where they left off, they are more likely to rebook you in the process.

– The customer is more likely to leave you a positive review after the lesson.

– The more customers you leave feedback the higher you will appear in the search results.

What should you say?

Customers really value your feedback on their lessons, any technical comments, or details on the types of runs you skied together, will be really useful for their next ski holiday.

How long will it take me?

2 minutes! Some feedback is better than no feedback.

Lets be the first to offer this service to our customers.