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You can now sync your Maison Sport Calendar with your personal Google, Apple iCloud or Microsoft Outlook calendar.

What’s the benefit of syncing your personal calendar with Maison Sport? Simple, we know over 50% of instructors use a Google/iCloud/Outlook calendar for their personal bookings and appointments. Our sync functionality will automatically pull these events into your Maison Sport calendar – making your life much easier by removing the need for you to manually block off times/days in your Maison Sport calendar. 

How to sync your calendar:

At the moment you will need to sync your calendar in the web browser (the button will be added to the mobile app very soon), click the ‘connect calendar’ button shown below and then follow the on screen instructions. 

If you are syncing your Apple iCloud or Microsoft Outlook calendar please note that you will need an ‘app specific password’ to complete the sync, we’ve linked to Apple and Microsoft instructions which show you how to create an app specific password. 

Once you’ve given us authorisation to sync your calendar events, you’ll just need to refresh the Maison Sport Calendar page and you will see your events from your personal calendar in your Maison Sport Calendar. These events will work the same as if you’ve created the event in your Maison Sport calendar, so if for example you have a personal calendar event from 9am to 11am on Monday 21st February, it will block your availability for those times. 

We highly recommend syncing your calendar, as it will reduce the admin required on your side to keep your availability up to date.

Useful notes on how the sync works:

  • Deleting or editing a personal calendar event in your Maison Sport calendar will not edit the events in your personal calendar.

  • If you add a new event or edit an existing event in your personal calendar, it will automatically update your Maison Sport calendar. These updates are normally fairly instant, but can take up to 10 to 15 minutes, so don’t worry if you don’t see your personal calendar events in your Maison Sport calendar right away. If you can’t see the events after 15 minutes, please contact us on [email protected]om. 

  • If you have recurring events in your personal calendar, these will not be pulled in to your Maison Sport calendar – we are working on adding this functionality, so will update you as soon as it’s been added to the sync functionality. 

  • Your personal calendar provider may automatically sign you out from time to time, we will notify you when this happens by sending you an email and will highlight it in your Maison Sport calendar. If this happens you simply need to go through the process again to re-sync your calendar.