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As we’re sure you are aware, fast responses to customer enquiries are essential to your chances of turning that enquiry into a booking. We are competing with ski schools that will typically respond within 24hours and in some cases within the hour. Our aim is to provide customers with a better service than a ski school would.

Our old messaging system made it super easy for a customer to send their first message to an instructor, but we found this often resulted in the customer not providing enough information, making it hard for you the instructor to accurately ‘quote your time’ to them. We have added a few questions for the customer to answer, which are now included within the enquiry that appears in your inbox. Receiving this information up front should reduce the need for as many messages, shortening the time it takes a customer to book.

This is what the customer will now see:

Make sure you look out for this information within the ‘enquiry details section’ in your messages area and use it to make the best recommendations.

This is just one of a number of improvements that will continue to roll out over the coming weeks and months.