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Creating a booking through My Business makes it easier than ever for your clients.

Step 1

Your client requires no more than a few clicks to pay for their booking – they’re taken through a unique payment flow, specific to My Business clients. The automated email you send to them from the system contains all the important lesson details.

All they have to do next is click the button, as shown. They will then be taken to the first step of completing the payment, demonstrated below.

Step 2

The next step for the client is to enter their email address and booking reference number. For ease of use, this information is auto-completed, so they just need to click ’next’ and then create a password.

Step 3

After entering their chosen password, the final stage is to enter credit card details, for clients that have booked through Maison Sport before, they will have the option to use the pre-registered card they paid with last time.

When this has been submitted, they will receive the message displayed below and the booking will then show as paid, sending them a new confirmation email confirming they have settled the balance.