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Every year hundreds of parents head to the slopes with their kids for the first time and even though having your kids learn how to ski or snowboard is an incredible experience, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Don’t worry if it’s your first trip together, as always, here at Maison Sport we’ve got you covered with these incredible tips for being on the slopes with children.

Patience is Key

The first time kids are on the slopes they are experiencing hundreds of new sensations and trying to take them all in, while at the same time learning how to balance, stand and figure out what to do with these new contraptions stuck to their feet. Being patient with them is key in order to let them learn the sport but enjoy it at the same time. 

Even if you are an experienced skier or snowboarder yourself, we recommend booking an instructor for your child’s first few days on the slopes. Instructors have plenty of experience when it comes to teaching kids and they will make sure they are learning in an entertaining environment by playing games and helping them learn in a fun way. We guarantee that a few hours with the right instructor will have any kid running down blues and green in no time! 

Always Bring Snacks 

A day out on the slopes can be very tiring for anyone, especially for children. It is important to pack some snacks, these may be energy bars, chocolates, sweets, or any other snack you prefer.  Children can get really tired throughout the day, especially towards the end of your day out on the slopes. A chocolate bar or something else sweet can give them the energy boost they need for the last descents down to the ski resort. Having a little break to snack is also a good idea, after a tough descent or a great run.

Dress Them Appropriately

Keep in mind that on their first few days on skis or boards, your kids will probably spend more time on their bums than standing up, which is completely normal for a beginner. To make sure their clothes don’t get too wet and they don’t suffer the cold too much the most important thing a kid should be wearing is an insulated and waterproof ski jacket and trousers or better yet, a onesie. Jackets can lift up during a fall but a onesie will make sure no snow will get in and under the waterproof layer. Other than that, clothing should include a thermal layer and a fleece layer which will make sure your kid stays warm throughout the day and during snowball fights too! 

Extra tip: mittens are easier for kids to wear and put on than gloves! 

Stay Hydrated

We sometimes don’t realise how much water we lose when out on the mountains because of the cold temperatures, but hydration is extremely important when skiing or snowboarding. Make sure you have water with you at all times or make regular stops at the various cafes and restaurants you’ll find out on the mountains and drink plenty of water. These stops are also great to make sure your children rest a little, regain their strength and maybe have a nice hot chocolate to warm up before hitting the slopes again. 

Have Fun! 

Learning this new sport can be a little frustrating for young children, make sure the experience is about having fun while still staying safe. Ask your instructor to give you some game ideas to practice after their lessons. This way learning will keep being a positive experience. Listen to your children when they say they’re really tired and make sure to take a break or call it a day and always make sure you are having fun as a family! At the end of the day, it’s a holiday and we want the experience to be as pleasant for everyone as possible.

With these tips, you’re ready to hit the slopes with your kids this winter! Remember that on Maison Sport you’ll find hundreds of instructors fully qualified to teach children of different ages and skill levels. They will make sure your kids learn the safest way to practice the sport and at the same time they will make it so fun that your kids won’t want to get off the skis. A bonus of this is that while your kids are having their lessons, you get a few hours to ski the tougher runs you wouldn’t be able to ski with your kids. 

Book your lessons now and start planning your family holiday! 

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