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We know ski resorts have just announced their opening dates, but here at Maison Sport ski season is already in full motion! It’s clear that everyone is itching to get back to the mountains, whether they are independent instructors, veteran skiers, or beginners looking to get that first run down a slope.

How do we know this? Well, in the last two months alone we have hit record numbers, numbers we usually don’t see until a little later in the season. In fact, August and September have just set new records for bookings in the Maison Sport history, and snow hasn’t even really begun to fall yet!

Want to get a little insight on what this winter is going to look like? This is what we know so far…

The busiest weeks are going to be Christmas week, February mid-term (two main weeks this year), and Easter, and although you might be thinking “those are always the busiest weeks”, what we mean is extremely busy. Some of the independent instructors on Maison Sport have their mornings, afternoons, or full days already fully booked up which is why our best recommendation is for you to book now before your favourite instructor is no longer available. Thanks to our 20% refundable deposit you can book your instructor and worry about paying the full lesson just 21 days before it takes place so better be safe than sorry and book those lessons in. 

People are taking advantage of the easing of travel restrictions. We are used to seeing many early bookings come in for France and Switzerland at this time of the year, but this time around, Italy and Austria are not falling far behind. 

As mountains lovers ourselves, we couldn’t be more excited than to see the industry pick up again and we are sure this winter is going to be smashing! Both for instructors who get to go back to doing what they love, and for customers who get to enjoy their holidays and create unforgettable memories on the slopes as we also have. 

As ski resorts all across Europe prepare to welcome you back, we at Maison Sport are ready to be part of your holiday by connecting you to the perfect instructor for your time on the slopes and hopefully continue to set unprecedented records as we finally welcome a well-awaited ski season.