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In the coming years, we are determined to grow Maison Sport to new heights. This means we want to do everything we can to increase the seasonal income of the instructors already on the platform like you. But here’s the thing, we can’t do it alone – which is why we’re asking for your help to bring in more instructors to join Maison Sport.

Now, the exciting part – what is the benefit for you? For every new instructor that you bring to Maison Sport, you will receive a 5% commission bonus on all of their earnings for the 24/25 season.

You will be paid your commission at the end of every month next winter. That means that you have the possibility to receive a bonus on 5 separate occasions!

This programme had huge success last season, as we paid out more than 15,000€ in bonuses to instructors – but we’d love to pay out even more!

To ensure your referral is accepted, please provide us with the instructor’s name in writing prior to them signing up to Maison Sport. We value sincerity, so make sure your referrals are genuinely signing up thanks to your efforts. Plus, to keep things fair, your referral must sign up within 3 months of your recommendation.

Share their names with us by sending an email to following address: [email protected]

Let’s grow Maison Sport together – a bigger community means bigger benefits for you and every instructor involved. Let’s make this season one to remember!


Terms & Conditions:

For a referral to qualify, the name of the referred instructor must be sent to Maison Sport in writing before the instructor signs up to the platform. This can also be done via any of our channels of communication including WhatsApp, email and live chat. If the instructor does not sign up within 3 months of their name being provided, it will no longer count regardless of when they eventually sign up.