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After huge demand for the service in France we have accelerated our roll out across Europe and are now inviting ski & snowboard instructors working in Switzerland to sign up. Over the last 12 months, more than 300 instructors signed up to Maison Sport in France. Customers have really taken to the service, due to the fact they can save money on ski school prices, use real reviews to choose their instructor and speak directly to the instructor before booking the lessons. 

Over the summer, instructors in France have started to leave their ski schools and are choosing to work independently because of the service Maison Sport offers. They are excited by the prospect of increasing their earnings by 30-40% and choosing when and who they teach.

“It’s been my biggest dream over the past few years and Maison Sport just made it real. I wanted to reduce the quantity of my lessons in a season and increase the quality”

– Jacopo signed up in July this year.

Maison Sport has reduced many of the risks associated with working for yourself, as an independent using Maison Sport you will have a steady source of new clients sending you enquiries and booking lessons.

We also run a program called “The Work for Yourself Initiative” which looks to guarantee instructors a minimum of €20,000 during their first winter of signing up, for more information on this program please contact us on [email protected].

Our decision to move into Switzerland comes after a huge number of requests from instructors and customers alike, signup is free, easy and can be completed in less than 3 minutes. If you would like more information on how Maison Sport works, check out this blog post – How it works, or get in touch with us with any questions.

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