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This year we decided to go a little ‘off-piste’ with our tube campaign on the Waterloo & City line. Having run a more classic ski lesson advertising campaign last year on the same line, we chose to mix things up and add a little unconventional humour to a mundane commute. You will see our ads on every tube carriage ad on the line for the next 4 weeks.

With a marketing world that is increasingly reliant on the virality of content, this campaign has created an opportunity for commuters to capture an amusing moment and share it with friends or on their social media accounts. We collated definitions of well-known ski phrases with amusing connotations aiming not only to entertain commuters, but also to increase awareness and engagement with our brand. Word of mouth is one of our key drivers of new customer acquisition, and this campaign is a great example of how a clever piece of content can create an opportunity to share the brand.

We are all frequently served an overwhelming volume of content online, therefore we knew we had to create a campaign that cut through the noise. This dictated the direction we took in the development of these ads. As a company, we are willing to take risks in order to increase awareness and create more buzz around the business. This is the first of many campaigns we will be rolling out, deciding to go against using conventional ski content, and we have already seen a great response. Our marketing team took a trip to the Waterloo & City line for a morning of people watching and saw how commuters took the time to read our ads, laughed a little, and snapped some pictures to send to friends. If you spot us the Waterloo & City line, don’t hesitate to take a photo and share it tagging us @maisonsport or send it to your friends.

We also opted for a more classic route and ran large digital screen ads in Canary Wharf earlier this month. We stopped commuters in their tracks with ski lesson footage that made everyone dream of their next trip to the mountains. Check out some pictures of our ads here!

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