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What is Freely?

Freely makes it simple to find and book local, independent, beauty, hair and massage therapists. At the same time, we give independent practitioners a platform to market themselves and meet new customers, whilst building a reputation through reviews.

Know a practitioner that may be interested in signing up? Please send them to, so they can learn more.


Our story began with Maison Sport, a marketplace which connects customers with independent ski and snowboard instructors. Over 500 instructors are using Maison Sport across Europe and thousands of customers have left amazing reviews for the instructors. We have been inspired by the lives we are changing for the better; both for independent instructors and the new income we give them, and the fantastic stories from customers, about how their instructor did everything they could, to ‘make’ their holiday.

We found independent instructors often went the extra mile to delight their customers, always doing more than they needed to ensure the experience was a great one. We wanted as many people as possible to experience this same feeling, so started looking for another industry to move into.

With friends and family in the beauty and wellness industry, we know this is an industry full of independent professionals, and we wanted to be the company to showcase them to future customers. Fast forward a few months and Freely was born.

Tell your friends

If you know anyone that might be interested in signing up as a practitioner please send them to our website, sign up is free and can be completed in under 5 minutes.

Many thanks,

The Maison Sport and Freely team.