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In many resorts it is possible to work upwards of 650 hours in a winter season, the problem is that this number is getting harder and harder to achieve; on average ski instructors are working 500 hours per winter. Typically, independent instructors work slightly less than their ski school counterparts, working on average just 400 hours per season.

Maison Sport’s aim is to increase the amount of hours an independent can work. Registration is free and our goal is to fill as much of the spare 200 hours as possible, as well as make life easier for your existing clients.

We expect most instructors to receive enquiries and bookings in their first season on the platform, with bookings to increase sharply year on year.

This therefore has the potential to increase your seasonal earnings by a considerable amount.

The Maison Sport calendar gives you the flexibility to easily amend your pricing for different weeks of the winter, it’s simple and easy to control. Over the course of the winter, demand changes drastically week on week and it’s important that your prices reflect this change. On traditional websites, offering a wide range of pricing depending on the date the lessons are taking place has been difficult to achieve, often resulting in hard to read tables! Maison Sport’s interactive calendar has changed this, making life easier for instructors and simpler for customers.

If you are a part time instructor working for a ski school, you will generally give away more than 35% of your revenue to the ski school.

In the peak weeks there are plenty of customers to go round, and Maison Sport now gives you the opportunity to work for yourself and take home 97% of the lesson cost.

We have made a huge investment in marketing to ensure each and every instructor signed up receives bookings. Like any marketplace, Maison Sport will become more effective as it grows, as more instructors come onboard, our customers will have greater, and better choice. Happy customers will tell their friends about us, creating even more customers and more bookings for each and every instructor!

Tell your friends — if you know of other instructors who may benefit from the Maison Sport platform, please help them sign up — believe it or not, spreading the word will increase your earnings!

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