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Over the past 4 years, we have strived to create a really seamless experience for both customers and instructors using the platform, but the one element we have kept the same is the process of booking an instructor. 

Currently, a customer sends a booking request to an instructor and has to wait for the instructor to accept the booking, which can take up to 36 hours. In our eyes, this is 36 hours too long. In today’s world, customers can instantly book almost anything and everything they want, including ski lessons through ski schools, and it should be the same on Maison Sport. 

What is Instant Book?

Instant Book is a new feature we have introduced on Maison Sport. It will replace the need for a customer to send a ‘booking request’ and for you to accept or decline, rather it will make an immediate booking.

Using the Instant Book feature correctly and effectively will also improve when you appear in the search results to customers. However, this means that it is more important than ever for you to make sure that your calendar and availability is consistently up to date as any bookings that you have to cancel will have a strong negative impact on your score. 

How does it work?

If you have enabled Instant Book, customers will simply be able to select, book and pay for their chosen lesson slot and complete it in one transaction. This does not take away the ability for customers to message you prior to or after the booking. Once the booking has been confirmed, you will receive a notification and it will automatically appear in your calendar.

How to enable Instant Book

To activate Instant Book on your profile, first ensure that your calendar is up to date and ready to receive bookings on all your available days. Then, go to the ‘Settings’ tab of your account and click the slider button underneath instant book so that it reads ‘On’.

Once the Instant book button reads ‘On’, click ‘Save changes’ as shown below. 

Customers will be able to see if you have activated Instant Book from both the search results page and on your profile as shown below. 

If you’re intrigued by the possibility of attracting more customers to your profile and securing you more bookings, Instant Book is the quick and easy answer. The best part is that it is less time consuming and more profitable on your part. 

To find out why you should use Instant Book check out our next blog next week featuring what the benefits are and how it can be greatly valuable to your profile. 

Book a 15-minute zoom appointment here to speak with a member of our instructor community team to ensure you are in the best position to find the maximum number of clients this season. 

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