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At Maison Sport, we are constantly thinking about how to improve our customers’ experience, which is why we are introducing our new feature, Instant Book.  Instant Book will allow you to book ski instructors instantly, without having to send a “request to book”. This vastly reduces the time it takes to book a lesson and brings it more in line with what we expect in today’s world.

How It Works

Currently, on our platform, a customer sends a booking request to an instructor and has to wait for the instructor to accept the booking, which can take up to 36 hours, which in today’s world is quite a long time. 

Instant Book will not require a request to be sent out to the instructor and instead will automatically book your lesson in and let the instructor know they have a new lesson, making the whole process faster and straight-forward. 

In order to know which instructors are available on Instant Book just go on Maison Sport, login, select the ski resort where you want your lesson to be held, and the date and time. A list of all available instructors in the area will show up and if the instructor’s profile has a lightning bolt icon next to their name, as shown in the picture, this means they are available for instant booking. Just click on the instructor, book your lesson, pay, and get ready to have fun!

Freedom To Plan Last-Minute 

Instant Book is great for anyone using Maison Sport to book their ski lessons, but especially for people who like to be spontaneous on their vacations or just decide to plan a weekend getaway at the last minute. Not everyone plans their vacations and books everything weeks in advance, and that shouldn’t mean you can’t have a lesson if you wanted to.

You might already know how to ski or snowboard but just want to improve your technique, or you decided it’s time for your kids to start a winter sport, then you can use Instant Book. It allows you to have the freedom of not having any previous commitments but instead deciding last minute whether you want a ski or snowboarding lesson. 

Instant Book During Covid-19

We know that this winter season has been extremely uncertain regarding the openings of different ski resorts in different countries, which is why we made it our priority to make Instant Book available for you at this moment. 

Many of you are booking last-minute vacations depending on the new restrictions and even though we do offer a full refund for all our lessons in the case of cancellations due to Covid reasons, we understand that not everyone is inclined to book too many services in advance. 

With Instant Book you don’t have to stress about the need to cancel since you can really wait until the last minute to book your lesson knowing you will definitely be able to attend and enjoy it.

Whatever your reasons might be to want a lesson booked instantly, we’ve got you covered.  With Instant Book you will always find the right instructor for your needs at the right time. 

Head over to our website and check out which of the instructors already have the Instant Book options available and rest assured they’ll be there whenever you decide to hit the slopes. 

The Instructors on Maison Sport Are Waiting for You