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We are extremely happy to announce that we have just added four new disciplines to our platform with the aim of making skiing and snowboarding accessible to a wider range of people. As of today on the Maison Sport platform you will be able to book skiing and snowboarding lessons regardless of your needs thanks to the introduction of the following adaptive disciplines:

  • Sit ski 

  • Visually impared

  • Adaptive snowboarding

  • Three track skiing. 

“Everyone at Maison Sport is determined to ensure all skiers and snowboarders can access opportunities to enjoy the thrill of the mountains. We’re looking forward to hearing about the first adaptive lessons delivered on Maison Sport.” – Nick, co-founder & CEO

We have wanted to introduce adaptive disciplines to our platform for quite some time and now it has become a reality, thanks to the number of independent instructors that are able to offer these services. One of them, Lizzy B., is ready to take bookings for sit ski lessons and welcome you to the mountains. Here is what she said: “I believe that everyone should be able to experience skiing all over the mountain. I specialise in adaptive skiing so, no matter what someone’s disability is, they can always enjoy that opportunity to explore the mountains.”  Lizzy also has access to any equipment needed for the lessons as will most instructors, just check with your instructor beforehand so they are aware of all the equipment needed.

This is just the beginning of our mission to expand our services to fit any need or disability our customers may have. As a company we have set the goal to have at least 100 instructors offering a variety of these services by the end of 2022, but expect a much higher number. This is an area we never want to stop investing and growing in, learning about the different ways we can provide our service to more and more people. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the adaptive disciplines we offer or will offer in the future don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and talk to someone from our customer service team. Skiing or snowboarding is an experience no one should be missing out on so book today your lesson with one of the specialised instructors and start falling in love with the sport. 

The Independent Instructors on Maison Sport are Waiting for You!