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We are almost halfway through our second season since Maison Sport’s launch and it’s shaping up to be a great one! We have expanded faster than we anticipated, to the point that we now cover over 130 resorts across France (120), Italy (11) and Switzerland (12).

Over 300 instructors have signed up and so far, more than 50% of them have taken bookings, our goal is to get this as near to 100% as possible. Whilst we are seeing large volumes of customers booking lessons in the major resorts we are yet to start actively marketing the smaller resorts, something we aim to do in the near future.

So far this winter, our highest earning instructor has taken €16,000 in bookings, at this rate the final number should be €30,000 by the end of the winter, which will be a 33 % increase compared to what they earned last year at their ski school.

Part timers have also been big winners this season, with many that joined us over the summer doubling their income for the peak weeks, particularly February half term, where instructors have received bookings in excess of €90 per hour across a whole host of resorts.

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