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Over the last 4 years, Maison Sport has successfully worked with over 600 independent ski instructors, in France, Italy and Switzerland, to connect them with new clients.

The platform also works well for part time instructors, who only work during the holiday weeks. There are many success stories from instructors in France, Italy and Switzerland, who previously worked for a ski school but started to work independently, when they realised Maison Sport could help them double their earnings.

Building upon this success, Maison Sport is now expanding into more countries across Europe. Our service is now available for independent instructors to sign up to in:

    • Germany


    • Andorra


    • Slovenia


    • Finland


    • Spain


Maison Sport helps independent instructors fill up their availability by connecting them with new clients. The platform can work for an instructor whether they’re looking to use it for a week or the full winter. Last winter in France alone, the average instructor earned an additional €5,000 by having a profile on Maison Sport, with some earning in excess of €25,000.

Maison Sport’s mission is to support brilliant independent ski and snowboard instructors, by connecting them with new customers, who will truly appreciate being able to choose their instructor and book them with confidence, knowing they will go that extra mile.

To learn more about how Maison Sport could help you, drop their friendly team an email at [email protected].