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Title: Maison Sport Ambassador

Contract length : December 2023 – April 2024

Location: Remote (in your own local ski resort)

How to apply: Send an email to [email protected] explaining why you would be a great Maison Sport Ambassador


Maison Sport has seen a record year of growth and demand over the course of the 22 23 winter season. We are therefore excited to announce a brand new role to join the Maison Sport team as an official ambassador. 

As a Maison Sport Ambassador, you will be responsible for representing the company and supporting the instructors that are signed up to Maison Sport in your local ski area. As an experienced and successful instructor on Maison Sport, you have a great understanding of how to manage your profile and how to maximise the opportunities that are presented to you over the course of the season through Maison Sport. It will be your responsibility to pass on this expertise and advice to the new and less experienced instructors in your area. 

Your goals are to use your knowledge and experience to build the Maison Sport community in your local ski area, increase the earnings of the instructors you are responsible for and raise the brand awareness of Maison Sport. 


  • Provide mentoring to instructors in your local area in line with the vision and aims of Maison Sport.
  • Meet new instructor sign ups on Maison Sport at the start of the season.
  • Offer support to any instructors that request it 
  • Offer support to those identified by the Instructor community team as needing further help.  
  • Organise 3 meet up events during the season, encouraging as many local Maison Sport instructors to attend as possible. This gives them the opportunity to get to know each other, and will help build more of a community within the resort. For example it could be an evening in a bar, a ski day on the hill or something else.
  • Provide instructors in your local ski area with Maison Sport merchandise such as badges and neck scarves. 
  • Promote Maison Sport via your own social media channels and liaise with Maison Sport marketing team to provide content that can be used for our own social media strategy.

Requirements & Expectations

  • If you are an instructor signed up to Maison Sport, you will not take bookings from any of the direct competitors to Maison Sport, including but not limited to any other ski school, ‘Ski Bro’ and ‘Check Yeti’. 
  • Report to the Instructor Community Manager at Maison Sport in meetings every 2 weeks with progress updates.

Benefits and remuneration

  • You will receive a fixed payment of 1000 € for this role to be paid out as 5 separate monthly instalments of 200 € between December and April. 
  • A digital ‘Ambassador’ badge to be placed on your Maison Sport profile increasing your chances of being booked. 
  • Free Maison Sport branded uniform.
  • A Maison Sport Ambassador badge that you can wear around resort and on the mountain.
  • The opportunity to join a Maison Sport event exclusively for ambassadors and members of the Maison Sport team.