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From the start of the season we have been in contact with some of you that have already completed a lesson with one of the amazing instructors on Maison Sport, and we’re delighted to see how many of you want to share your experience with our community. Today Izzy is telling us about her experience in Chamonix Mont-Blanc and included some pictures for us to share with you too!

Izzy’s discipline of choice for her day out on the slopes was cross-country skiing, “Yes i loved it!  As a keen runner, I really enjoyed the motion of ‘running’ using my skis.” she says. Even though it was her first time trying this sport, having vast experience in another sport such as running, really helped Izzy pick up cross-country skiing much faster. When choosing what sport you want to try, always have a think about what other sports you already practice, many of them will be similar to skiing, snowboarding or cross country skiing thus helping you learn faster.

We’ve all been away from the mountains for a really long time so we wanted to ask Izzy what it was like for her to be back, especially after the wonderful snowfall of the past two weeks, “It was brilliant, with such great conditions after a heavy snowfall, it was certainly a beautiful site, and a fantastic start to the season.” It’s been really great seeing all the instructors and customers enjoying what certainly feels like a normal winter season. Week after week skiers and snowboarders are welcomed back to the slopes with fresh snow and bluebird days…the most perfect conditions you could ask for.

Part of the new normal is of course the restrictions of each resort, which is why we wanted to know straight from someone who has been out and about what the Covid restriction situation was like in Chamonix. This is what Izzy said about it “Totally fine! Everyone was wearing masks in the ski rental shop and throughout the town, which certainly makes you feel safe. If you want to have a drink or croissant in a cafe, then you get asked for your Covid pass. Everyone was respecting the rules, keeping their distance and enjoying the mountain.” It is a really positive thing to hear since we’re all taking our necessary precautions to be able to go on our ski trips this year. You don’t have to worry about people not respecting the rules once you get there.

As for Izzy, after her incredible experience cross-country skiing, she is definitely planning to go back to the slopes this winter “every single weekend if I can get out!” she says. As a message for anyone still unsure about whether or not they should book a trip she says this, “Although you have to take a couple of PCR tests and wear a mask inside, nothing beats being out on fresh powder enjoying a day of skiing. It’s a little bit of an annoyance, for maximum reward – I’d encourage everyone to book their ski trip this season (especially whilst the snow is so good!)”. 

Here at Maison Sport we have a very extensive cancellation policy that will cover you in case of cancellation due to covid. Many of you have already booked your lessons and are eagerly waiting for the dates you’ll be hitting the slopes. We’re always happy to hear from all of our customers on how their lessons and trips were so definitely send us your stories and we’ll be happy to share them with our community!

Book your lessons today and head for that fresh powder!

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