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Over the next couple of years, we are striving to grow Maison Sport as much as possible. In order for us to invest more than the £500k we spent on customer marketing during 21/22, we need to increase the number of instructors on Maison Sport. Additional instructors on the platform will allow us to increase our marketing spend, which as a result will increase your overall income that you earn from Maison Sport. Despite there being more instructors listed in your resort, this will actually increase your potential earnings as we anticipate average income to double over the next 12 months. 

We are asking if you would help us with this goal by offering you the chance to receive a 5% commission bonus on all bookings from any instructors that you recruit to Maison Sport, for the duration of the 22/23 winter season, to be paid out at the end of the season as a bonus. With instructors earning up to €40,000 this winter on Maison Sport, this could earn you a net income of up to €2,000 per instructor.

In order for a referral to qualify, you will need to notify us of the referral before the instructor signs up. In the spirit of the deal, you should only notify us of referrals where you have genuinely made an effort to convince them to join Maison Sport. If you are interested in joining the Instructor Recruitment Programme, send us an email at [email protected].