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This winter, we will be posting pictures that instructors send to us on all our social media channels. The instructor with the most likes on their picture at the end of the season will be crowned champion photographer, and awarded €250.

What sort of pictures?

– Pictures of you teaching

– Awesome scenery

– Fresh Snow

– Pictures of your clients skiing

– Extreme ski shots

Why should you send them to us?

On top of the chance to win €250 it also enables Maison Sport to promote you as an instructor to our large social media following, which in turn increases your chances of being booked.

Why do we want your pictures?

We want our social media channels to represent you, and the only way we can do that is if we can showcase your lives through the photos you take. And who doesn’t love a competition?


Send your photos to [email protected], or to our Facebook and Instagram pages. If the photo needs a description please send this as well. At the end of the winter we will announce the winner.

Best of Luck

The Maison Sport Team