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According to research, it takes people just 40 milliseconds to draw conclusions on your character based on your profile picture. It’s needless to say, having a great profile picture is a huge influence in helping you to increase your bookings. We have put together a short list of the key considerations for taking the best possible photo. 

1. Head shot or skiing action shot?

We recommend a head shot over a skiing action shot, whilst your skiing photo may be amazing and show off your skills, customers prefer to see a friendly face – remember you’re the one that they will trust to get them down the mountain safely! 

2. No-one likes a random floating head!

A headshot should include your head and shoulders or head down to waist, having a picture of just your head scores way down in approachability scores! 

3. Approachability

It probably isn’t a surprise to you, but research has found that the more you smile the more approachable you are! Make sure you have a lovely smiley photo as your profile picture – this will increase a customer’s trust in you as a ski instructor and they will also naturally assume you are friendly, although hopefully you are anyway! If customers believe that you are a trustworthy, approachable and friendly character, they are much more likely to book you. 

4. Quality

The quality of the picture you upload is a direct representation of you, poor quality photos could imply a low quality instructor, our research has actually shown that poor quality photos reduce your chance of being booked by more than 25%. You should ensure you use a high quality picture, to give the best representation of yourself.

5. Use a bright background

Brightly coloured backgrounds score far better than dark backgrounds – according to a bright green or orange background is your best choice! Alternatively, a picture with a beautiful blue mountain sky in the background often scores favourably. 

6. Don’t cover your eyes!

We’re taught from a young age that eye contact is important, so unsurprisingly wearing sunglasses or goggles reduces your approachability score, make sure you take your photo without them. Avoid looking in to the sun though, as squinting isn’t great either!