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Maison Sport has now been operating for 3 winters, our platform has gone from strength to strength – last winter the 100 top earning instructors made over €7,000. Whilst this number is fantastic, it could be dramatically higher, our goal is to help all the instructors signed up to Maison Sport, across the entire winter.

At the moment over 60% of customers that sign up to Maison Sport are not having a good experience. The main reason for this is that too often, the availability or lesson timings they see on an instructor’s profile is incorrect. This leads to a customer enquiring with an instructor that is not available for the times they would like lessons and sometimes not available at all the week they’re on holiday.

More often than not, if a customer messages an instructor and receives a message back to say they’re not available, that customer will not then book with Maison Sport – they simply assume all instructor’s availability is incorrect, so book with a ski school instead. There is a huge knock on effect from this, as these customers will not recommend Maison Sport to their friends, limiting how quickly we can grow, which ultimately means less bookings for all the instructors using Maison Sport.

The fix to the problem is very much in your hands – if you keep your availability up to date and use the booking rules functionality, customers will have a far better experience on the platform, so all instructors will receive more bookings.

Going forwards we will be changing our policy to instructor availability and booking rules, in the event your availability is consistently incorrect, your profile will be flagged for review. One of the Maison Sport team will then help you to ensure you understand how to use your Maison Sport calendar correctly. Following on from this, consistent failure to update your availability could result in your account being suspended.

Over the coming weeks we are going to bring out some updates to the platform, the updated will be aimed at helping you better manage your availability and also improve the customer journey on the site to help them match with an instructor that suits them – we will keep you updated with them as they happen.

If you need any help with your calendar or have questions on how to make the most of your Maison Sport account, please get in touch – we’re here to help!

For instructions on how to use your calendar click here to view a short tutorial video.

For instructions on how to create booking rules click here to view a short tutorial video.