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Whilst being a ski instructor is often a lifestyle choice, it still pays very well. That being said, most instructors are only able to work for 4 to 5 months per year, therefore maximising your income during this period is essential. It’s not uncommon to go weeks or months without a single day off!

Maison Sport has become a great way for long standing independent instructors to boost their income, either by taking more bookings in off peak weeks or through far higher demand for peak weeks. 

It has now also grown to the point at which it can support an instructor’s transition from working for a ski school to working for themselves through Maison Sport. 

So how much money can you really earn through Maison Sport? 

For an instructor that has just left a ski school, with almost full availability, they are likely to book more than €30,000 in a season, we expect this to increase to €35,000 for the winter 2018/19. There are a number of instructors that have already earned €25,000 for this winter, with another 6 weeks left for bookings still to come in.

For instructors that have been independent for longer it really depends on how available they are, there are a large number of these instructors that have earned more than €8,000 this winter, typically these bookings have been a mixture of peak and off peak weeks. 

How does it compare to working for a ski school? 

As an independent instructor you will immediately benefit from a higher hourly rate of pay, leading to higher earnings from your winter. On average Ski Schools take 37.5% of the total lesson cost, so your potential earnings could be as high as €50,000 in a season. Depending on how well you optimise the peak weeks throughout the season, you could well work under 300 hours and still earn the same as you would at a ski school, alternatively you could work as many hours as possible leading to a huge increase in earnings!

You might think, wait a minute I still need to sell 300 hours worth of lessons each winter to earn the same as I do at a ski school, but thanks to the “peak weeks” it’s not as big a challenge as you think. During these peak weeks you can increase your standard pricing for private lessons, many independent instructors and small ski schools are charging up to €700 a day for private lessons during February half term for example.

Where is there high demand?

We have high demand in most major ski resorts across France, Switzerland and Italy, we also have a number of main resorts in which we have a low number of instructors but a high number of enquiries. 

  • Morzine 
  • La Plagne
  • Les Arcs
  • Meribel
  • Alpe d’Huez

 See one of our recent blogs on this subject.

How to make sure you are as successful as possible on Maison Sport?

  • The perfect profile 
  • Be responsive to messages 
  • Dynamic pricing 
  • Sell yourself 
  • Good customer service 
  • Keep your calendar up to date

For more information on how Maison Sport works please get in touch or you can sign up here.