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There’s more than one reason to book an instructor for your winter holidays. The most obvious reason is if you’ve never been skiing or snowboarding before, then it is extremely important that you book quite a few lessons with an instructor of your choice. This will ensure you start your journey on the slopes with the right technique and most importantly without hurting yourself. All the independent instructors on Maison Sport have taught countless beginner skiers and snowboarders and continue to ski with them year after year.

Beginners aren’t the only ones booking lessons with the independent instructors on Maison Sport, many customers are people who have skied for years.  For them booking a few hours is simply about getting a refresher before heading to the harder slopes. Other experienced skiers and snowboarders love to book a few hours with instructors for two reasons, first of all, they get to ski with someone that’s has the same level of skills as them, and second, instructors can show them the best off-piste or hardest slopes of the resort, for those looking for an extra thrill. 

Whatever your reason for booking an instructor is, you might not be sure as to how many hours you need to book. Here is our advise to those of you who need a little help when planning your holiday this year. Always remember that it’s possible to split the lesson time between two or more people. This is perfect for groups of friends or families with different skill levels. You can easily book a full day of lessons and split it into 3 people at different times, or book a full day and split the cost among people with similar abilities and ski as a group.

Complete Beginner: Learning a new sport can be a little intimidating and overwhelming but we promise you that learning to ski or snowboard is worth it! If this is your first time out on the slopes it is important that you learn the right technique starting from the very first day. This will not only help prevent any injuries but it will make sure you will enjoy the sport even more. 

Holidays tend to be longer during the winter season so if your holidays are more than 5 days, we recommend at least 2-4 hours every day, preferably morning since slope conditions tend to be better. Practicing in the morning will give you the afternoons off to rest, or to continue practicing what you learned during the day. If on the other hand, your holidays are shorter, we recommend booking full days with your instructors, which will allow you to learn as much as possible in a limited amount of time. 

Beginner/Intermediate: If you’ve had a couple of lessons already but you’re not quite as confident on the slopes and you want to keep improving your skills we still recommend 2-4 hours of lessons every day. During these lessons, instructors will work with you to improve your skills and make sure you tackle new challenges with the right technique and confidence. You’ll be riding down red and black slopes in no time! 

In Need of a Refresher: Most of us haven’t been on the slopes in at least a year or even more! So it’s normal that when it comes to getting back out there we might feel nervous or just in need of a little refresher. Booking a few hours with an instructor can give you the right confidence boost at the beginning of your holiday to take on any slope you are faced with. At this point, instructors can help you make sure your technique is at its best and answer any questions or concerns you may have about your skills. If you’re nervous about hitting the slopes then book a couple of hours in the morning to practice with an experienced instructor next to you. If you’re less nervous about the slopes and just want to go over your knowledge and make improvements, book afternoon lessons to end the day with points on which to improve. 

Looking For a Slope Buddy: You’re not always going to be skiing with people that have the same skill level, maybe you’re on a family holiday and your kids are just starting off, or it’s your friend’s first time on the slopes but you are a veteran. In this case, booking an instructor is not about having a lesson, although they can always help you improve your skills, it’s about hitting the slopes with someone that can keep up with you and ski alongside you. While your kids are attending their morning lessons, book a few hours with an instructor and let them take you to the best slopes of the resort and radical off-piste adventures. We all know it’s always more fun and definitely safer to ski with someone else. Book morning or afternoon sessions to make sure you have enough time to get a few exciting runs in. 

Want to Explore the Resort: We don’t always go back to the same ski resort year after year, and some of the resorts around Europe cover hundreds of kilometers and even different countries! If you’re heading to a new resort this winter we recommend booking an instructor for the first full day or two. Nobody knows their way around the pistes better than the instructors and they’ll be sure to show you areas to avoid or where to go depending on your skill level. As a bonus, they’ll also be able to show you all the secret lunch spots on the slopes or places with the best view for that perfect Instagram shot. If you want to get to know the whole resort right from the beginning of your holiday book one or two full days, if instead, you want to explore different areas every day then book 3-4 hours every day.

Instructors are not just for beginners, they are your guide to the slopes, your perfect ski buddy, and a great person to have by your side as you build up your confidence to face challenging rides. If you’re heading to the mountains for your winter holidays make sure you book a few hours with one of the fully qualified instructors on Maison Sport and get ready to have the best time! 

The Maison Sport Instructors Are Waiting for You!