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Maison Sport was set up, first and foremost, as a platform for instructors, by instructors.

We noticed an inherent problem in the way the ski and snowboard instructors were working – instructors were not given the control they deserve, or the ability to keep more of their earnings, instead, up to 40% of their income was being withheld by ski schools.

Maison Sport changes this – giving instructors complete flexibility over their working calendars, their pricing, who they teach and what they wear, all whilst allowing them to pocket more of the money they receive from clients. There’s also a great positive outcome for customers, as they can now choose an instructor that they think will suit them best – resulting in a better lesson experience for both the customer and the instructor.

Be a part of our fantastic community:

Independent instructors are at the heart of Maison Sport, that’s why we have a dedicated instructor community team, made up of ski instructors, who go above and beyond to ensure the instructors on Maison Sport get the most out of their experience on the platform.

Take control of your calendar:

The Maison Sport calendar gives you the flexibility to easily amend your pricing for different days or weeks of the winter and set your availability. Over the course of the winter, demand changes drastically week on week, our calendar functionality enables you to offer dynamic pricing to reflect these changes.

Pocket more of your earnings:

If you are an instructor working for a ski school, you will generally give away up to 40% of your revenue to the ski school – this really rings home with part-time instructors working in the peak periods, where lessons costs are generally higher. Maison Sport gives instructors the opportunity to truly work for themselves and take home 92.8% of the lesson cost.

Benefit from Maison Sport’s growth:

We have made a huge investment in marketing over the last few years, to ensure each and every instructor signed up, receives bookings. Like any marketplace, Maison Sport is becoming more and more effective as it grows, as more instructors come onboard, our customers will have a greater, and better choice.

Happy customers will tell their friends about us, creating even more customers and more bookings for each and every instructor!

Don’t forget to tell your friends!

Tell your friends — if you know of other instructors who may benefit from the Maison Sport platform, please help them sign up — believe it or not, spreading the word will increase your earnings!

To find out about Maison Sport, or to sign up as an independent instructor, click here or email us directly at [email protected]